Turnkey Projects
Carmichael Construction is committed to its clients, providing excellent service and originality that is showcased in our Turnkey Projects. Before we begin any project, we truly listen to your objectives and we develop a plan to ensure those goals are met. We recognize the importance in developing a strong working relationship at the earliest phases of the project in order to optimize the construction phase of your new installation. By using top quality materials in conjunction with experienced construction managers, we are able to provide a complete development that meets all of our clients’ needs. Regardless of size, location, or structure our contractors and project managers know how to efficiently and successfully complete your project.
Located in Hastings, Nebraska, Carmichael Construction is recognized for paying attention to the little details as well as the big picture. We are proactive in all phases of development, including:
1. Conception
2. Design
3. Material Specification
4. Scheduling
5. Construction
6. Testing
Carmichael Construction’s customer service is second to none, and our successful history of over 70 years in business is a testament to that! First and foremost, we value our client and their needs, and will go above and beyond to ensure you are thrilled with your new turnkey project. Questions? Give us a call at (402) 463-­1353.
Design Build
Design-Build overlaps the design and construction phase of a project, oftentimes reducing delivery schedule and offering clients one single point of contact responsible for the delivery of their project. Carmichael Construction in Hastings, Nebraska designs to your specifications while offering ideas and alternatives that can reduce initial costs, lower life-cycle costs, and improve the schedule of your project.
In a Design-Build project, the builder and architect work together from day one, and the client reaps the benefits of this arrangement. Conflicts and changes are minimized by the input and decision making of the entire team during design and construction. The outcome is the utmost efficiency in the buildings production and functionality.
How can you benefit from Carmichael Constructions Design-Build services?
Single point of contact – You never have to act as intermediary between the contractor and architect/designer
Consistent communication – When the “design” professionals work on the same team as the “build” professionals, communication between all parties is improved and potential problems can be exposed more quickly
Time savings – Design-build is the quickest delivery method allowing for faster utilization of the completed building
Cost effective – When the design and build team work together, not only is the projects completed more quickly, reducing labor costs, but alternate methods and equipment will be capably and precisely evaluated
If you have questions about or Design-Build services, or would like to schedule a consultation, we’re here to help! Call us directly at (402) 463-­1353.
Competitive Bid
Competitive Bidding is a process in which the owner selects an architect who then distributes plans and specifications to builders who have previously demonstrated they provide only the highest quality work that meets or exceeds the standards of the contractor. It is then the owner’s responsibility to choose the most qualified builder for the project.
There are three ways in which a contractor is chosen:
Hard Bid: the owner looks for bidders and agrees to the lowest, but competent bidder
Select Bid: the owner selects from a specific group of contractors to bid on the project
Negotiated Bid: the owner speaks directly with one or more contractors, and selects a contractor from this group
Carmichael Construction takes this process seriously, and ensures that by painstakingly assessing all subcontractors and suppliers we deliver the quality necessary to surpass all expectations throughout the build process.
If you or your team has questions and would like to speak with us about the Competitive Bid process, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at (402) 463-­1353.

Construction Management

Construction Management offers peace of mind with exceptional value for the client. The construction manager is hired early in the project, and works closely with the owner and architect to oversee the building process. Carmichael Construction, located in Hastings, Nebraska, has the best and brightest construction managers in the business! Their extensive knowledge of suppliers, materials, and cost-effective labor, combined with some of the best construction technology in the business ensure that your project will stay on schedule, and every effort is made to reduce project costs.
What can you expect from a Carmichael Construction Manager?
• Preliminary and revised budgets
• Coordination of material and equipment purchases
• Develop bid packages
• Supervision of subcontractors
• Conducts project meetings, keeping their team and all subcontractors on the same page
Carmichael Construction has maintained the same objectives for over 70 years; to save the client money, exceed expectations each and every time, and most importantly, to provide the best customer service in the industry. Do you have questions about Construction Management services? Call us today at (402) 463-¬1353. We can’t wait to hear from you!